Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm not much of a hypochondriac, I hate going to the doctor and I don't like to take medication. Work in the medical profession long enough and you'll see what blind faith in the AMA will lead to. But I've always suspected that I suffer from candida overgrowth, I have many of the symptoms and my long-time sugar and bad carb diet makes my body a very happy home for the little yeasty buggers.

In searching for something to help kill the yeast and encourage the good bacteria in my body, I came across a regimen by Kelley Eidem. It seemed to make a lot of sense and I liked that he wasn't trying to sell me his supplements. Outlined here, I purchased olive leaf extract, capyrilic acid, glutamine, a probiotic and a multi-enzyme. I'm going to take the supplements for two months but keep the probiotic in my routine, because I'll take all the extra support I can get. I went with supplements from Swanson health products because it was one stop shopping, good quality with reasonable prices and the shipping was super fast. I don't look forward to the yeast die off symptoms, but I look forward to seeing how I feel after a couple of months.


  1. Do you know how many mg you took of the olive leaf and caprylic acid? I'm having such a problem with my skin right now, and since the start of the problem coincided with the holiday season (booze and pie!) I suppose yeast might be playing a role. It seems like trying the candida cleanse couldn't hurt.

  2. Hi Kaki...
    I took 600mg caprylic acid caps, once a day during the cleanse.

    I took two caps a day of these Olive Leaf during the cleanse ~

    I still take two a day of the olive leaf. I don't ever want to be without them.