Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diet is still a four letter word.

Diets work, if you can commit and stick. Once you "go off" said diet the pounds pile on so easily, yet it is so hard to get back on. I've tried just about every diet and have been successful for a time, as long as I can stand the white knuckles. I don't do well with restriction, it triggers my binge mechanism to beat the band. I need to find a long term solution and a diet is not a long term solution. There are changes that have to be made, permanent ones. I have to try out some new strategies and see if I can make some of them work for me, for life.

I started having food issues at about 13, when my dad left and in my 26 years of yo-yo dieting, I've learned a few things. Limiting and counting calories is something that does not work for me. I need to feel like I'm having enough to eat so that I don't go into binge mode. I definitely feel better when I limit bad carbs and processed foods. I also feel better when I have freshly extracted fruit and veggie juice every morning. I like journaling but don't feel like tracking every bite that goes into my mouth. Blogging my thoughts and tracking my journey might be a useful tool.

There are some new strategies that I want to try. I bought the book The Four Day Win by Martha Beck. It sat collecting dust for the past few months but now I'm ready to pick it up. The other is Paul McKenna's 4 Golden Rules. I'm going to blog my thoughts on these plans and plot my progress or lack thereof.

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