Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Batch Cooking

I'm doing some batch cooking today. It's really the only way to make sure that I'm eating healthy foods. Sure, it takes time but in the end it's worth it especially when I have food, freshly prepared by my own hand, ready for dining later in the week.

I've made a huge batch of homemade Minestrone soup. I used Mark Bittman's book How To Cook Everything, my friend Lisa bought it for me several years ago and it's got so much use. His recipes are simple and easily adaptable.

I'm in the midst of preparing a Ratatouille bake with feta cheese, I added summer squash and made a double batch. We'll have it tonight for a side dish to some "breaded" pork chops (I'll trim them well and dredge them in gluten free baking mix and saute them) and again later in the week as a vegetarian main. It smells so good in here right now.

The girls and I like to get together for coffee but I've invited them here on Thursday so I can control what I eat rather than tripping over a minefield like Starbucks pastry case. I'm going to attempt some healthy breakfast muffins. I'm going to use this recipe as a guideline but I'm going to add a bear naked granola topping and use gluten free baking mix. Unsweetened apple sauce will go in place of the juice concentrate and honey for the molasses. And flax seeds, too.

Veggie juicing packs and crudite snack packs are also on the menu for today. I better get back to it.

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