Friday, November 7, 2008

Chocolate Cravings on the Milk Carton

I am a bona fide chocaholic. I knew I wanted to marry my husband the day he took me to Cadbury World for one of our first dates. Chocolate plays a supporting role in my life, like a faithful companion always there when things get rough. Rarely a day goes by without having a bit of chocolate to soothe my emotional pangs. But in the past four weeks I have eaten chocolate just once, two small squares of a Dairy Milk bar that one of the lovely forum girls enclosed in a BPAL swap package.

And now sit here trying to figure out exactly when my chocolate cravings disappeared. Sometime in the past four weeks, I stopped needing my cocoa crutch. This is completely foreign territory for me. The constant pull to the tin where I keep a supply of various chocolate truffles, treasures, turtles or kisses has ceased. In fact, the tin still sits in the pantry holding a stash of creamy confections.

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