Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friend or Foe?

My scale is both, really. I love it on Monday when it tells me that I had a loss but I hate it today. I got on to measure the percentage of fat I'm lugging around on my poor bones every day. In addition to the weekly weigh-in, I'm going to start doing a monthly fat % measurement. Yeah, so I'm 51% fat. Ugh!

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  1. Andra,
    I LOVE your blog. Very inspirational! You and I are so much alike...truly. Our body shapes (and habits) are almost identical. As you know, I've been struggling (like you) with my weight for years and years. After having J&J I'd pretty much given up hope of every being skinny & healthy again. I applaud your efforts and will definitely use your pointers. Thanks for posting. Let's get together soon for a healthy lunch!
    hugs, Lara (Diet Coke!) :o)