Friday, November 14, 2008

The Month in Review

The sun is still hiding from me. It was so wet and foggy this morning, there was no way I was going out in it again. But thanks to Exercise TV On Demand, I was able to do a 2 mile power walk right in the warmth of my living room. If you think marching in place is easy, try doing it for 3o minutes straight while adding in side squats, kick out/kick back and lots of power arm movements.

My month in review is about a week late, but I wanted to review some of the changes I've made, what I've learned and plot a few more goals for the coming weeks.

Eating healthfully requires lots of planning. I cannot let myself get hungry (that's where the constant preparing and planning comes in) and have managed to stay very satisfied while eating some wonderfully tasty and healthy food.

It's early in the fitness part of my journey and exercise still sucks, but I can't deny how good it makes me feel. That first step was so hard and it's still tough to get up and go, but the benefits far outweigh the small time commitment and the aches and pains. Joan Jett's 80's songs are perfect for walking to. Those simple, hard driving drum beats are kick-ass!

Almost three weeks into it I can finally say that I've noticed that the anti-candida supplement routine is working. My mind is much clearer, more focused. My skin looks really good and my eyes are slowly but surely burning and itching less and look much clearer.

I want to start adding more raw vegetables into my daily routine. I have to do some reading on the best way to do this and start implementing. I also want to start having more veggie-centric meals on weeknights. I don't think Rob is going to be too thrilled with this at the start, so I'll have to be sneaky.

Women are caregivers and it is tough for us to put ourselves first. I know with me, everything else always came first and because I felt neglected I would use junk food, chocolate and chardonnay as a band-aid for those feelings. I had to make a pact with myself that my health and fitness would come first. I had to reconcile that in doing so, I was not being selfish in the negative sense of the word. My husband benefits with each healthy meal and snack that comes out of my kitchen. Working on my health and fitness has given me more energy to tackle all those things that used to take time and energy away from me. I have more energy for my friends and for other enjoyable pursuits. And just ask Rob about how my moods swings have swinging to the pleasant since detoxing.

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