Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PMS on the Milk Carton

I've read many articles over the years about how a poor diet can exacerbate PMS and how eating healthfully and exercising can ease and even eliminate it altogether. Eat healthfully for PMS? Are kidding me? I need massive amounts of chocolate to calm that savage beast. I need a bag of Milano cookies to ease those blues. Exercise for PMS? WHAT!?! I need to ride my couch with a bag of Chik-fil-A and a bottle of Aleve in my lap to make me feel better. Screeching at my husband really helps, too (do not touch my boosies, they hurt!)

Well, color me surprised when I started my period this morning. I ran to the computer to check my cycles calendar, lo and behold, there was the litte red box over today. I couldn't believe it. NO PMS! No bloating (I lost 2.5 pounds last week), no cravings, no mood swings, no cramps, no sore low back, no tears, no screeching, no sore boosies, no exhaustion. I'm thrilled! I'm a believer. I feel like I discovered the New World! Eating healthfully and exercise can and does ease and even eliminate PMS.

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