Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey Trepidation

Why did I embark on a lifestyle change so close to The Most Fattening Time of the Year? Because in the midst of my depression after returning from our September vacation, a very bright light was switched on inside my head. I was finally seeing clearly after being blinded by Twinkies for so many years. I promised myself that I wasn't going to let the upcoming festively fattening season deter me. I wasn't going to wait until January 2nd to "start my diet." I wasn't going to carry on gaining weight and feeling fat, sluggish and miserable while we're visiting my family.

So what am I going to do to make sure that I don't set off all my triggers, binge like a lunatic and undo all the positive changes I've made? Planning and resolve. The menus are planned for the entire long weekend, which will be festive yet sensible. We're also going to make sure that we get plenty of activity Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps we'll take that walk round Kennesaw Mountain that we've been meaning to do for the past 7 years. I'm going into the long weekend with a resolve to enjoy myself, make sure I get my juice intake, get some moving in and trying to keep any Monday weight gain to an absolute minimum. Then I will strive for a few more pounds loss in the weeks leading up to the trip to Boston.

Spending two weeks with my sister is going to be a far more difficult challenge. I'll be in the land of my soul food, home of the best pizza in the Universe, Kowloon, where the egg rolls are so good they could made a grown man cry, home of J. Pace's fabulous Italian pan bread, Luberto's irrepressible cannoli, home of my Mother's ravioli and Sunday gravy and my beloved sister, my partner in Chardonnay and fellow foodie. Here's where planning and resolve come in.

I'm going to enjoy all my favorite things because I don't get up north nearly as often as I'd like to. I'm going to enjoy cooking and baking with my sister and imbibing in our favorite bevvies. My sister has a juicer so I won't be missing out on my morning enzyme boost. Exercise will be on the menu, too. What there won't be is throwing all caution to the wind, the four golden rules will be practiced daily and upon returning it's business as usual.

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