Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Checks and Balances

Our trip is looming, we're leaving in just a couple of days. I'm both nervous and excited. I can't wait to be with my sister but I also feel fearful for my waistline. It's such a tricky time where, for most people who work hard all year look forward to lots of merry making, all bets are off. I plan on relaxing and having a good time, but the binge monster is getting a very short leash. Staying at 250 (or below) has to be my focus while we're away. I will be juicing daily, watching my portions and keeping up with my regular walking work-outs, this should offset the festive indulgences.

I've made great strides in leaving my "have to eat everything" mentality behind. A system of checks and balances is going to be practiced daily. For example, if there is a dessert that I'm going to want to eat, the main meal is going to be smaller portions, especially light on the heavier items. My sister and I have a delectable homemade dressing planned to go with the turkey that I'm so looking forward to, but I'll cut back or omit the mashed potatoes. While I'm Just Here for the Food is a great title for a book, I am mindful that spending time with my family and friends and savoring every moment with each one of them is the main reason for this trip.

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