Saturday, December 27, 2008

A New Kind of Craving

So, did you have a great holiday or are you happy that it's over with for another year? For me, like every year, it's a little bit of both. We're still up here in Boston and having a very nice time, but I'm starting to get antsy about getting home. Not because I want to leave, because it's going to be so hard to leave my family but because I'm craving my routine.

To be honest, I'm crap without a routine. I'm already starting to feel the negative effects of being away from mine. I've been juicing every morning and portion control hasn't been much of an issue (very proud of this) but the food itself isn't what my body has become used to. Holiday food is definitely carb and sugar heavy. I'm retaining water, I feel food allergy symptoms setting in and don't get me started on the giant pimple on my chin.

It feels so much better to be in the healthy routine mode. I don't like worrying about getting sick and undoing all the good that I've done. No bite of food is worth that kind of stress.

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  1. I'm glad the holiday is over, but we don't have family to visit so this is a lonely time of year. Even the kids feel like they're missing out since everyone else has big gatherings.

    And my diet is utterly blown, as well- drinking a litre of Bailey's over three days was not a great idea. I'm glad you mentioned having skin problems, as I was wondering whether the extra sugar and carbs were what is causing me to break out as well as my eczema flaring. Let's hope that goes away once I get back on track!