Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Warning: Angry Fat Woman Ahead

I read on a blogging info site that you shouldn't rant at your readers. So here is fair warning.motz.gif

With unseasonably cold weather having hit the south and a trip to Boston looming later this month, I had to take inventory of my winter wardrobe. I was much fatter last winter so I don't have much in the way of fashionable and warm clothes and the few things I do have are starting to get loose. It's an awesome feeling to be shrinking. Awesome, that is, until I tried to buy a few things.

Is it really too much to ask for a nice cardigan to layer over a long sleeve tee paired with a pretty scarf? I want to know who these fat shops think they're designing for. Old Navy women's plus must be designing for giant, oddly shaped, ape women. Instead of what I wanted, I got long sleeved tees with arms and hem that came down to my bloody knees with fabric so thin I could see my lap-choly scar through it. The cardigan also came down to my knees and if I flapped the sleeves fast enough I could have probably taken flight. The scarf is lovely, but it's not practical to wear in the winter over just a bra. I'll have to ship the lot back tomorrow. Because Old Navy doesn't like fat women in their stores, we have to order our clothes online and hope for the best.

Lane Bryant is slightly better but they didn't have any long sleeve tees that didn't have some sort of bedazzler embellishment on it. I'm not going to bingo with the senior set, I'd like to look hip, not broken hip. I did manage to get one attractive top today (a size smaller, yay!) and I'll have to make do with what I have. I can't wait until I can go into a nice, normal shop and buy some nice, normal sized clothing off the rack.

Feels better to have that off my chest. I just hope it's not *that* cold in Boston.


  1. LOL!! "I want to look hip, not broken hip" -- HI-STERICAL.
    I totally know where you are coming from. I can't remember the last time I set foot in Ann Taylor or a "normal" sized shop. I can't wait until I can...trust me, we can get there again!!!
    Don't you hate the preponderance of imitation stretchy fabrics that are out there for oversized women, too? Like, at Dress Barn Womens, do they carry ANYTHING plus sized that isn't polyester?? I refuse to even set foot in there anymore. I usually have decent sucess at Lane Bryant, but you do have to avoid the bedazzled shirts...blech.

  2. Do you have a Macy's by you? The Elizabeth line in MacyWoman is quite stylish. I used to work in plus size years ago. I was always complaining about the assortments, but there were some good go to brands.

    I have to say the cardigan style this year is loose and long for all sizes. I look terrible in this style. It makes me look like a box with boobs.