Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Made It

We made it to Boston on Friday after a long but uneventful drive. We've been snowed in ever since. As much as I miss my family, I don't miss the snow at all. My husband went outside to help my brother-in-law shovel and plow. I don't think he liked it. My nephew was having the time of his life running wild in the snow, I don't even think he noticed the cold. I sure have, I haven't stepped a foot outside since we arrived.
I've been chained to the stove, as I knew I would be. My sister is a fantastic sous chef cleaning behind me so when the feasts are ready, there isn't any mess to be seen. I've been keeping to my four golden rules and worked out yesterday but I'm still a little nervous about the weigh-in tomorrow. Not so much because of the amounts but the types of food and also the flowing wine that has been consumed for the past two evenings. But we are on vacation and I am having a hell of a good time.

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