Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weeknight Food

I am so excited for dinner tonight. I love to eat and there's no reason to stop enjoying food and cooking during my quest for vibrant health and fitness. Tonight I'm making Creamy Wild Rice and Mushroom soup courtesy of Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine. What caught my eye about this recipe is that it's a lightened up variation on a traditional chicken and rice casserole. Instead of using that canned condensed crap, stodgy quick cooking rice and lots of chicken, this recipe uses fresh ingredients, wild rice and a small amount of chicken. I'm going to replace the heavy cream with organic half and half and the long grain and wild rice blend with a hearty brown rice blend. It's a steely gray and rainy day, this soup is going to be the perfect anti-dote.

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  1. This soup is so amazing I had to comment on my own post. You must try this soup. So rich with an unbelievable depth of flavor. Complex and hearty. A keeper.