Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Bloated walk of shame doesn't even begin to describe the march to the scale this morning. I'm up to 251 and missed my goal of staying at 250 or less by 1 pound. BLAST!

OK, lamenting over. There will be no more lamenting since I'm home safely in my sanctuary (such a long drive, I've still not recovered) and can get my much missed routine under way. I feel like a tick about to burst so I'm going to be doing a juice fast today to shed my body of the carb-induced water retention, to get my taste buds back to craving healthy food because my Mother's heavenly ravioli and meatballs in Sunday gravy is still calling to me five days later and to purify my poor, poor liver after drinking all that Champagne and Irish Mist.

I'm going to have three or four servings of fruit and vegetable juice today along with lots of lemon water and herbal tea in between. In addition to my usual suspects like ginger, carrots, lemons and spinach, I bought oranges, collards, beets and an avocado to blend in. I won't be venturing far from home because I expect to be spending lots of time in the loo today.

I have really missed blogging, it has been like a lifeline for me these past few months and I have lots more to say. I'd love to hear from you and how you are planning to make 2009 your healthiest year yet.


  1. J and I started walking on Saturday. There is a trail by our house that has two paths -- one fairly level and one up hills. We've started on the level and hope to work our way up to the hills in about a month. We're not calling it a resolution, just something to add to our lifestyle. It's about a two mile round trip walk.

  2. I feel fat and stupid after fairly two weeks of non-stop indulgence. I still have not gotten on the juicing bandwagon (I just can't figure all those flavors tasting good together...) but I am going to be eating a whole lot more veg & protein and a whole lot less white flours/sugars.