Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

This past Friday and Saturday at work people really took notice that I'm shrinking. I had people telling me that I need to buy smaller uniforms, telling me that I look really good, asking me what I'm doing. If you've ever been obese and lost some weight, you know just how much of a double edged sword it is when people start noticing. It feels good that my efforts to change my eating habits are resulting in a shrinking girth but it feels uncomfortable being put on the spot that way. When you're obese, you're invisible to people. It's ironic but people don't really "see" you. And you want to be invisible, to hide. Out of fear, shame, whatever. But once you start to make a physical change, people start to see you again. I wonder if this is the reason that so many people, including me, fail at keeping weight off.

I took the opportunity to tell those who asked how I'm doing it, that cutting out sugar, junk and fast food and eating fresh, whole foods to improve my health is paying off in weight loss. I think some were shocked to hear that I'm not on some sort of crash diet. I'm going to try and accept the comments, some of which were very genuine compliments, as positive reinforcement. But I'm not buying new uniforms until the old pants fall off. ;)

Now on to the good stuff. I weighed-in at 238.5, which means another 3 pounds gone for a total of 38.5 pounds. It amazes me that I ate pasta twice last week and still managed to lose 3 pounds. Trader Joe's flax pasta is delicious! I never thought I'd get used to eating alternative pasta but this one is really good.

I hope your Monday is sunny and not too stressful.

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