Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Goodie: Living Harvest Hempmilk

I've cut back on most dairy because I have various issues with it. Less dairy=less PMS for me, in fact I haven't had any PMS since before the lifestyle change. This next one is TMI but dairy gives me mucous. My sister and her two boys suffer from this dairy issue as well, so I wonder if it is a hereditary thing. Processed dairy has much, if not all of the natural goodness stripped away and most mass marketed yogurt products are full of fillers, artificial sweeteners or sugar/HFCS that I can't really see the benefits.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CALCIUM!?! Dark green and leafy veggies in my juice every morning and in my soups and salads in the evening are a fantastic source of calcium and fiber and lots of other health bennies.

Because I like to "lighten" my non-herbal teas and occasional cup of coffee and milk is the biggest mucous offender of all, I have been using alternative milks. The almond milk I like was out of stock at Publix yesterday so I picked up a box of Living Harvest Hempmilk. Hemp seed is high in protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids so I thought I'd give it a try. I chose the vanilla flavor. I used it in a cup of tea and in my flax oatmeal this morning.

Hemp milk looks similar to almond milk, pale beige in color but with a creamier texture. It's milder in flavor than the almond milk, which has a trace of bitterness on the aftertaste. It worked very well in my breakfast, which was a packet of organic instant flax seed oatmeal topped with ground flax meal and some raw mixed nuts and dried fruit. I dribbled on a couple of tablespoons before pouring over the boiling water. It was sweet and creamy, just delicious.

The tea was a different story. It never quite mixed in, it looked a bit curdled and then mostly settled on the bottom of the mug. This was disappointing. I wonder if I heat it up next time if it would blend in better. I will have to try it because the flavor is very nice.

Overall, I'm pleased with this new product. It's interesting and healthy. I think I'll try some of the recipes listed on the Living Harvest website in the future.

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  1. You just reminded me that I need to pick up ground flaxseed. Thanks!

    I don't do dairy and too much soy makes me sick, so I've switched pretty much completely to rice milk. (I just get the plain Trader Joe's one.) It can have a bit of "grit" (not the right word, since it's finer than that - more like "rice dust") to it, but I can even drink it straight now. I just shake it up like crazy first.