Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Goodie: Silk Creamer

My quest for finding a lovely non-dairy alternative to half and half continues. While I really enjoyed the hempmilk in my oatmeal, it was a bust in coffee and tea. I still keep almond milk on hand, but it does lack that creamy texture that I sometimes crave.

I tend to avoid soy because there is so much conflicting hype about it, some people will have you believe it's a miracle cure and others say it's poison. But mostly I don't buy soy milk because it tastes so nasty. But I noticed a "creamer" by Silk soymilk company at Publix a couple of weeks ago and the French vanilla flavor caught my eye.

The good~the texture is exactly what I hoped for and the flavor was surprisingly inoffensive compared to other soy beverages I've tried in the past. It made a very nice coffee drink, tasted good in certain flavored teas and was really good splashed on to cool my morning oatmeal.

The bad~It was totally gross in my beloved PG Tips tea and it does contain sugar. It's definitely sweeter than the vanilla hempmilk and the vanilla almond milk.

The ugly~As I've blogged about before, the change in my way of eating had pretty much eliminated all my PMS symptoms so I was quite concerned when late last week and over the weekend I started to get PMS full force. I was anxious and irritable like I hadn't been in months, bloated, sore breasts, cramps. Did I mention irritable? I was like a lunatic and it really upset me because my moods have been mostly pleasant and stable since getting off the sugar and other junk. Something was different this time, because before when the moment my period started all the PMS unpleasantness would go away, but this time I still have cramps and my breasts are still really sore. I tried to go over everything I ate and the only thing that changed since getting back to my routine after the holidays was the soy milk. So I did a bit of reading, and yes there is still lots of conflicting information but based on what I'm going through there is some truth to the statements about soy upsetting hormonal balances.

I'm going to avoid the soy and see what happens next month. Otherwise, it's back to the almond milk and the splash of plain milk in my PG Tips but I'll still be keeping my eyes open for something new.

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