Thursday, January 8, 2009

Real Age

I've watched the Oprah show on and off since it debuted in the mid 80's. I like the health and wellness episodes best, like when Dr. Oz is on. Much of his information is just refresher for me but I like the way it is presented, in small, bullet-like doses. Easy to listen to, easy to assimilate, a really good reminder on making my health a top priority.

I recently visited Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen's Real Age website and took the quiz. While I don't know my current cholesterol levels, I tried to be as honest as possible based on my health history and how I've been living over the past couple/three months. I was a little afraid while I was filling in all the information, afraid that I was going to see that my real age was 65 or 70, with my knees that still feel a bit sore and stiff at times and my largess.

My chronological age is 39.3. Color me squeeful when I saw that my "real age" is 38.1. The lifestyle changes that I've made over these past few months have really made a difference! I'm floored that how some small, healthy changes can make such a big impact. I can't wait to retake the test when I have my cholesterol levels taken and get closer to "one-derland." I'm hoping to roll back the clock even more.

Care to take the real age quiz and share the results with us? The results may be a pleasant surprise and keep you going on a healthy course or give you the motivation to make small changes that will add some healthy years to your life.

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