Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Weigh-In

I prefer to weigh myself the same day and time each week, but I have to be out by 6am tomorrow for a day shift so I pushed it up a day. January has been a bizarre month for me, work-wise. My schedule has been all over the place, flip-flopping between day shifts and evening shifts which is wreaking havoc with my sleep schedule. Despite feeling a bit worse for the wear this morning, I'm quite happy to see another 2 pound loss! That makes 241.5 pounds, 35.5 pounds gone.

I did my fat percentage last evening (it's more accurate at the end of the day when the body is hydrated) and I'm down in that area as well. I started at 51% fat and now it's down to 45%. So everything is moving in the right direction except my work schedule, but I'm hoping to have that ironed out for February.

Have a fantastic and healthy week!

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