Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Enough Sleep!

It seems like getting enough sleep can help you lose weight. Sounds hokey but I recently read an article in Glamour magazine (don't judge me) about a study where they asked a group of women to do nothing but get enough sleep (a minimum of 7.5 hours, going to bed and waking at a similar time every night) for a month. They were told not to do anything other than that, no changes in diet or exercise habits just sleep and the participants reported losses of up to 15 pounds. That's pretty impressive.

This has to do with regulating hormones, this article from Web MD explains it more detail. Leptin signals our brain when our bellies are full, ghrelin, on the other hand tells us we're hungry. Lack of sleep sends leptin down and ghrelin up so we tend to eat more when we're tired/sleepy.

This makes a lot of sense to me. Not getting adequate sleep happens less now that I'm eating better but when work is especially stressful it does effect how well I sleep. When I'm feeling tired, I get that snacky feeling especially in the evening. Getting enough sleep has become a priority for me and now I have more of an incentive to make sure I get my 8 hours.

So, how many hours of good quality sleep do you get at night?

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