Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet the New Gym Rat in Town

Me! It was time for me to renew my Bally Total Fitness dues (I've been a lifetime member since the early 90's) but I only dragged myself to the gym 3 times after paying my dues last year so I wasn't sure I wanted to tie up the funds with something I obviously wouldn't take advantage of. A new gym opened up 3 minutes from my house (literally, I timed it) so I popped in there yesterday to see if I could get a deal that was similar in price to my annual Bally dues. The fellow was very pleasant, took me on a tour and was very agreeable to my haggling. For a few bucks more than my Bally dues I joined for a year with that price locked in for future years' renewals.

It's called Workout Anytime and it's a small gym with no frills, but I never used the frills at Bally so I won't miss them. They have a good selection of cardio machines, a great circuit of brand new weight training machines and free weights. Which I avoid because heavy things near my feet equal me with broken toes. I have an orientation on Monday to learn how to use all the weight machines. I just returned from my first official workout.

I always get up and head straight to the computer but instead, I threw on my sweats, ate some breakfast, grabbed my iPod and a bottle of water and I was off. I was back at the same time I usually come downstairs after surfing mindlessly for 45 minutes. Great use of the time and the location is so convenient. I did a 20 minute mile on the treadmill and 10 minutes, 3/4 mile on the elliptical trainer. I got a good sweat on and I didn't hate it.

I've only set one fitness goal and that is for consistency. Once I get over this block about exercise I have and get some consistency, I will set another goal.


  1. I agree with you on convenience! When things are easier to get to, to go to, or to do people are more to actually do them, especially if it is exercise. If you want something to track your workouts down to the minute and the type of exercise you are doing, check out

    I just signed up and what I think is neat, it lets you track your workouts by exercise and the amount of minutes, and it shows graphs, from previous weeks. For me when I dont want to go to the gym and I look at it, it gives me motivation to go! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Thanks for the link to introplay! I just signed up and logged my workouts from yesterday and today.