Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Despite not being a football fan, I almost always watch the Super Bowl. Jennifer Hudson's performance was a highlight. Her voice is so moving and she looked wonderful despite her recent family tragedy. Congrats to the Steelers, they definitely earned that win but seeing the Jason Statham Audi ad and the Vin Deisel movie trailer made the night for me. And even though I'm done with junk food, the Doritos crystal ball ad was the funniest I've ever seen.

Will weigh-in Monday be a victory for me? 236 pounds, so yes! That's down another 2.5 pounds, 41 pounds gone. My too-big clothing bag is getting fuller by the week. I have a whole section of lovely spring and summer items that fit me for about 5 minutes, so they are like new. Pretty pastel shirts in size 18-20, flowy skirts and cute skorts to match. For the first time in like forever, I'm so ready to be done with winter, bring on spring!


  1. Just found your blog and I say, "Good for you!" I'm doing the same thing, but learning from the "non-diet" guru, Marna Goldstein Thall's ThinWithinU site. I'm blogging some at my Feel Thin and Be Thin site as I lead a support group.

    I think that no matter what method we all follow for getting our bodies into a healthier state by shedding these pounds, support from one another is really important. So I'm following your blog!

    Look forward to seeing "less" of you in 2009!

  2. Thank you, Barbara. Best of everything in your journey!