Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Planned Indulgences

While trying to eat healthfully and exercise to get healthy *and* lose weight, I have had to cut out things that I have a hard time moderating like fresh, crusty white bread slathered with Lurpak , sweet baked goods, most restaurant food, all fast food, fried foods, pizza, various chocolates and my beloved Chardonnay. But to balance that out, I have made it a priority to plan certain indulgences so I don't ever feel deprived. I've talked about how being too restrictive or depriving myself will be a one way ticket to Binge City.

My "planned indulgences" are something that I really look forward to, usually plotted for holidays/special occasions or long weekends. I choose them carefully based on what I really want, because I allow myself to have whatever I like just not all of them at the same time (this was a tough lesson for me) and I eat accordingly (as in light overall but heavier on veggies, lean protein and water) before and after, so there won't be any "I blew my diet so I may as well just eat the house" mentality going on.

Today our friend Val is coming to visit from New York, she's staying with Donna and we have an outing planned for tomorrow evening and I have a bunch of girls coming for a meal on Friday evening. Tomorrow we're going to Richard Blais' new burger place called Flip and I'm really looking forward to it. And while the meal I have planned for Friday isn't unhealthy or heavy, there will be wine and a special dessert. I've been to the gym Sun/Tue and today and have Thursday and Friday inked in, as well! I've focused on eating lighter this week as well as on the weekend.

Whether the scale will still be stuck on Monday, I don't know and honestly, I can't worry too much about it. I'm gaining a healthy attitude while learning new, healthy habits regarding food and fitness. I feel proud of my accomplishments so far and I really can't wait to celebrate with my dear friends later this week.

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  1. speaking of indulgences, have you tried fling, Think twix candy (2 bars), but each bar is under 85 calories, so you can enjoy without the guilt! I saw this in my shape magazine this month! Also, I am so glad that you have enjoyed introplay!! the w8losschick.