Thursday, February 12, 2009

Try Something New: Kumquats

Such a funny name for such a lovely little gem of a fruit. I had never tried a kumquat up until a few nights ago. One of our resident's daughters brought in a few of baggies bursting with the vibrantly colored fruits to share with the nursing staff. No one would try them except me. I'm sure that's a shocker. I could not believe how sweet and tangy the soft peel tasted and how luscious and sour the interior flesh was. I was delighted and took one of the little bags home with me since no one else seemed interested.

I'm going to enjoy my little baggie of kumquats and will definitely be purchasing them again in the future. I think they'll make a really fun summer dessert. If you want to read more about the kumquat, check this out. With the lingering aftertaste of jujyfruits, raisins have stiff competition for the title of "nature's candy!"

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  1. I read on that they are growing seedless kumquats in Panama for import to the US. They are lovely treats, aren't they?