Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Try Something New: Turnip Greens

I've never been a fan of greens other than spinach and broccoli rabe until I moved to the South. Something about living in the South makes you want to try greens, all kinds of greens. I've tried them and I like them, collards, chard, mustard, kale, turnip. They are great in soups, slow cooked with vinegar and ham, quickly sauteed with garlic, and my absolute favorite way, CREAMED!

After trying all manner of greens, I've realized that turnip greens are my favorite. They are fairly mild in flavor and just delicious. They are a mainstay for my morning juice because they pack a nutritional punch without adding any of that bitter cabbage-y funk that some of the other greens do.

This Creamed Turnip Greens recipe from Southern Living is one of my favorites. I serve it along side grilled sirloin and roasted asparagus. Add a glass of lovely fat Shiraz and you have yourself a special Saturday night steakhouse style meal. I've tried this recipe different ways to lighten it up. I've used fresh greens and frozen. Frozen is great for convenience but Glory Foods fresh turnip greens that are already cleaned, trimmed and chopped work well, too. I use olive oil instead of butter and add lots of crushed red pepper to the oil as it's heating up. I add a big splash of red wine vinegar with the chicken stock. I use Neufch√Ętel cheese instead of full fat cream cheese and it does not need the milk or the flour to come out creamy and fabulously flavorful.

Click here for a list of links for recipes using turnip greens. Give them a try! The deliciousness to nutritiousness ratio is about as good as it gets.

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  1. LOL at "Cabbage-y funk." Sounds like it could be an obscure musical genre as well as a cruciferous vegetable side effect.

    Having been over-exposed to aggressive stinky collards, mustard greens and such growing up as a Yankee half-breed in the South, I don't know if I will truly ever warm up to the most cabbagey of the greens. But I did put some kale in my veggie soup recently! It was yummy.