Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Goodie: La Tortilla Factory Wraps

I have become a huge fan of the wrap but finding a delicious and nutritious wrap has been a bit of a challenge. Some wraps have good ingredients but taste nasty, some wraps taste good but have sugar or HFCS and/or other preservatives, others have terrible texture. If it's not going to hold up to being stuffed full of lunchable goodness, why bother?

I did not like the Flatout wraps, they had an artificial flavor about them and the flabby texture was gross. They ripped like tissue paper. I have not been able to find Ezekiel wraps in my area but I hit the jackpot when I noticed these beauties in the tortilla section of my Publix. High in fiber, delicious taste and excellent, hearty texture, Smart and Delicious wraps have become my lunchtime ritual. At 10 inches around, they make a very satisfying lunch for the bargain price of 100 calories. If you can find these wraps in your area, give them a try, they are awesome!

Building the perfect wrap...
I start out by warming my wrap on the stove top, directly on the burner for a few seconds. Then I spread a tablespoon of hummus or olive tapenade. Then I pile on arugula. And I mean pile. Then comes the hot peppers, hot pickled pepper rings, lots of them. Then I lay on two thin slices of Alpine Lace Swiss cheese and 4 thin slices of Boar's Head lunch meat (depending what I bought that week.) I can't think if a more filling and energizing lunch!

What do you like to fill your wrap with? How many more times can I say wrap? Wrap.

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