Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weeknight Food

I love to cook and it's no surprise that I love cooking shows and food magazines. One of my favorite foodie shows is America's Test Kitchen. I download every recipe they make available because they are only free during the current season.

You'll need to register at the America's Test Kitchen website in order to access the recipes, but it's free and the content, while it is available is well worth the few moments it takes to register. I was really excited about the Hearty Tuscan Bean Stew that they made on a recent episode so I planned to make it for last night's supper.

WOW! I can't recommend it highly enough, absolutely delicious and though a bit time consuming, really easy to prepare. Those test kitchen folks are definitely on to something with soaking the beans in salt water. It keeps the beans perfectly intact with a creamy, yet, toothsome texture. It made a large amount, so we have supper for another night this week when I'm working and more in the freezer.

I never used to like beans but I've really come to appreciate them and with this new method of preparation, I can't wait to stock my pantry with all sorts of the fiber-rich jewels and get cooking.

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