Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello Neo

Today was going to be for me, no work, no chores. Just a good two hour workout and then the afternoon spent in a hot salty bubble bath with my book and a cuppa. But yesterday the Mister's car decides to put on the "maintenance required" light which was followed by, "Can you take my car in tomorrow?" Ugh! What can I say to that, though? I'm so fortunate that I get to just work part time so I agreed. A standard service usually takes about a half hour so I packed up breakfast, hot tea, water and my gym gear and headed to the the garage at 8:30am.

Bloody service took an hour and 45 minutes and I was steamed! The old Andra would have caved on the gym, headed home, grabbed a pound of chocolates, a bottle of Chardonnay and dove in the tub. Instead I went to the gym and took my frustrations out on an elliptical trainer for 67 minutes. And not the usual True Strider but the dreaded Matrix that made my glutes burn for three days after the one other time I rode it. I feel better though I'm still mildly annoyed that I didn't have time for weights. I left the gym at noon because I got hungry. Weight training while hungry is not a good idea.

Because I'm a planner, tonight's dinner went in the crock-pot first thing this morning, so I'm quite pleased that I don't have to cook tonight. I just have to wash the juicer now and make lunch. Then I'm taking my book and my cuppa and diving in the tub. Happy Friday, everyone!

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