Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Joy of Fruit

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's been a strange week for me trying to get back into my routine. I've felt tired but still managed to get in three really good workouts in addition to getting the house scoured and sparkling. I'm happy it's Sunday. I'm going to make the juice packs for the week and do the prep work for dinner then I'm going to sit down with a cuppa and enjoy the day with my husband.

I had an epiphany of sorts yesterday while I was washing some grapes to make a fruit salad. I felt so joyful that I was going to eat a big bowl of fruit. I wondered where that pure joy came from because fruit and I have not always the best of friends.

Growing up, whenever I wanted a snack I'd hear my mother's voice saying in a none-too-pleasant way, "Have a piece of fruit!" It always seemed like the piece of fruit was a punishment of some sort. I didn't want fruit, I wanted the snacks the other kids were having that my mother never bought. I wanted Bugles or Doritos or Cheez-Its. But it was always, "Have a piece of fruit!"

Then my mother discovered the Fit for Life diet book. That's the plan about food combining (can't mix carbs with protein) and only fruit should be eaten up until noon each day. Ugh! So my sister and I had to endure periods of where got to eat nothing but fruit for breakfast and for lunch. How much did it suck taking a brown paper bag full of fruit to school for lunch when the other kids were chowing down on normal stuff? A lot.

Fast forward to 2004 and my Atkins Diet phase. Dr. Atkins took a person who already had fruit issues and turned them into a full blown fear that fruit will make me fat. I was already fat and I was missing out on so much joy.

Gone are the days where I exclude major food groups from my eating. Over these past few months I started adding more fruit to my diet, I've always been a fan of a crisp, fresh apple but now I wanted ruby red grapefruit. And strawberries. And red, seedless grapes. And melon and pineapple! I can't wait until the mangoes and papaya are ripe and ready. Fruit is a purely joyful creation of flavor, color and yes, nutrition. Fruit is breakfast, a delicious snack, it's even dessert. Fruit is exotic, sensual and sweet. I've got a succulent cantaloupe waiting in the fridge for me, I don't want to keep my friend waiting.


  1. I definitely identify with your fruit issues. Low carbing really screwed up my brain when it came to viewing grapefruit/watermelon and heck even corn as equivalent to potato chips and cake.

    How short sighted. I get a great joy in incorporating those foods back into my meals too. I can't wait for corn on the cob and watermelon this summer!

  2. Ohmyyes! Corn on the cob, on the grill. Can't wait.

  3. I stumbled across your blog and have to say I absolutely LOVE it! And I quite agree with the fruit issue - tho with me it wasn't so much a punishment. Growing up where I did (the middle of nowhere) fruit was expensive in the middle of winter. A bag of plain apples could easily run around the 5-10 dollar mark - and that was 30 years ago. Growing up it was "don't eat all the fruit! Do you know how much that cost?" So for me, it was a cost factor. Even now I look at the price of a watermelon and think "oh, that's so much" rather than "Mmm, that would make a nice healthy snack". And honestly, $5 for a seedless watermelon in the middle of a canadian winter is not that much when you consider a bag of cookies costs about the same.