Saturday, April 25, 2009

Measurement Update

One month into the BPAL Get Fit for Summer Challenge on introPLAY and it's time to take my measurements again.

Sunday March 22 my measurements were...
neck~ 14.5 inches
chest (upper)~ 41.25
chest (bra strap)~ 40.5
waist~ 39
hips~ 50.5
thigh~ 30
calf~ 20
flappy bingo arm~ 16.25
forearm~ 11
wrist 6.5

Saturday April 25 my measurements are...
neck~ 14.5 inches
chest (upper)~ 39 (-2.25)
chest (bra strap)~ 38 (-2.5)
waist~ 37.75 (-1.25)
hips~ 48.5 (-2)
thigh~ 29.5 (-.5)
calf~ 18.75 (-1.25)
flappy bingo arm~ 16.25 (bollocks)
forearm~ 10.75 (-.25)
wrist 6.25 (-.25)

Overall, I'm down 10.25 inches after a month of regular cardio and strength training. Woohoo! Seeing the numbers in black and white is really motivating.

It's a gorgeous morning and my husband and I just got back from a vigorous walk around the neighborhood, which is a nice change of pace from the gym. Have a beautiful weekend, I'll see you Monday morning for the weigh-in.

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