Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Time to pay the piper...

We made it back after a wonderful weekend. Good thing the rain rolled in to Savannah yesterday morning, it made it a bit easier to leave. Once I upload all the pics to the gallery, I'll post a link. Savannah is truly a sight. I've popped up 2 pounds, no doubt water bloat from hitting the hooch. I ate pretty much what I wanted, but was very conscious of portion sizes and that worked out very well. Plates went back with food on them or leftovers got taken with. The wine was a different story altogether.

We ate at some really lovely restaurants, the food scene in Savannah has improved tenfold since our last visit. So two pounds and I wouldn't change of minute of it. I don't want to live the sort of life that when I'm holiday I have to order grilled chicken or fish and steamed veggies at every meal. Special occasions are called 'special' for a reason. We logged in hours and hours of lively walking. We covered much of the historic district and did a 4.5 mile walk on Tybee Beach. This trip was about much more than food and drink. I did normal things that normal people take for granted. I felt free!


  1. Andra,
    Your holiday sounds lovely. I'm curious...where did you eat? Peter and I like to pop down there and to HHI every so often for impromptu weekends and are always on the lookout for decent places to eat. I find the riverfront restaurants always sort of disappointing. Do you have new suggestions?
    Hugs, Lara

  2. Yes, the riverfront restaurants are underwhelming, but the dining scene in Savannah has really changed. There is a huge list of places I want to try and we barely made a dent. We ate at two pubs, The Distillery (which was so fun and the food was quite nice) and Molly McPherson's which was decent but not great, though the atmosphere and location get a thumbs up. The highlights were brunch at the Firefly Cafe on Troup Square (casual, but fantastic food and lovely locale) and Saturday dinner at Noble Fare (more dressy, fabulous decor and the food was ridiculous, my Foie Gras Flan appetizer was outrageous and the New York Strip was beyond words.) Next time I want to try the Sapphire Grill and Alligator Soul.