Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Favorite Things, Beauty Edition

My love of beauty products started back when I was a kid and Auntie and Nana would take my sister and I to Freedom Drug near where we had our cottage on Plum Island. We could pick a beauty product and a book or magazine. Every time! It was so fun. I'd always go for a lip gloss (the fruity kind with the roller ball top) or Camay beauty bar or Rose Milk skin lotion. I'm still nuts about beauty products. I even started dabbling with making my own oil cleansers, serums and masks with fab results.

Here is a list of my favorite staples and must-haves...

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
is first and foremost my favorite beauty product. I follow my nose through this life and there is no other perfumer like Elizabeth at Black Phoenix. I collect those little amber bottles like they're going out of style. There are too many amazing scents to name, but I adore Love Me, Snake Oil, Dorian, Havana, Black Lace... I could go on for hours. Stop smelling like a department store, get some BPAL.

I am positively evangelical about The Salux Cloth. I've gotten my husband and a few friends hooked on this funny little bath scrubber. It makes mounds of creamy lather and exfoliates like crazy. If you suffer from rough elbows and elephant knees, get a salux. Your skin will be smooth as velvet.

I'm a lip balm addict and my favorite is Weleda Everon. And it does stay on leaving no rebound dryness. The faintly rosy smell is lovely. Speaking of Weleda, the Skin Food cream is fantastic, too. Smells amazing!

My Publix started carrying rosewater in the ethnic food section. Laxmi brand, 5 ounces for $1.99. I adore rosewater and this is as good as it gets. I use it as a facial toner and a curl refresher. The bargain price makes it all the sweeter.

The oil cleansing method has changed my skin, there are more brands that offer oil cleansers nowadays but it's so easy to make it yourself. I just blend castor, grapeseed and sunflower oils with essential oils that work for my skin needs (I like patchouli, carrot seed, lavender and tea tree) and use it twice a day. I never thought that oil would balance oily skin and clear up breakouts but it has.

I always keep a tub of powdered clay on hand to make facial masks. I really love the French green from Mountain Rose Herbs. One tub will last forever and it won't go bad because you only mix enough for one or two uses. Keep some clay and a bottle of rosewater in your bathroom and you can have a facial whenever you fancy it.

This isn't a beauty blog but nothing makes me happier than a spa day in my bathroom. Next time you have a few minutes try this gorgeous anti-oxidant facial scrub mask~

Mix the contents of two pomegranate white tea bags (or any anti-oxidant tea you may have on hand) with a bit of clay and some pomegranate juice until you have a smooth paste. Gently massage over clean facial skin like a scrub and then leave to dry for a few minutes and rinse. Apply your favorite night serum and you'll wake up to a dewy glow.


  1. I'm a hoarder of Snake Oil and Love Me bottles. Aged Snake Oil is porn-esque.

  2. Do you think something is wrong with me that I read that as "demon glow" rather than "dewy glow"? Ha!