Sunday, May 3, 2009

For One of Those Days

There is not beauty that hath not some strangeness about its proportions.
~Francis Bacon

This lovely quote has become a mantra for me when I stare too long at my stretch marks and become annoyed by my flappy bingo arms. My body has been through too much to ever be magazine cover perfect, but it's my body and it's getting stronger and healthier every day. It carries me to the gym, around the neighborhood on a sunny day, to work, to market, it allows me to hold my husband close and yesterday it got all the gorgeous herbs and vegetables planted for summer. It may not ever be "perfect" but it is beautiful.


  1. Yes, yes and YES! I don't appreciate all that my body does for me - great post!

  2. Beautiful words from a beautiful person.
    We are with you!