Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Weigh-In and Measurements Update

I hope everyone is having a safe and beautiful long weekend. We worked our butts off to get our deck ready for the season and ended up with a rainy weekend. I need to call Mikkos Cassadine and learn his secret for controlling the weather. We did get to sit out and have a glass of wine yesterday and despite the weather it's been a productive and pleasant weekend. I'm still in weekend mode but wanted to keep up my routine and share my weekly weigh-in. Still at 211, but it's been a weekend of planned indulgences coupled with lots of physical activity so it's a win-win situation.

This past 30 days of working out has paid off with an additional 4.92 inch loss. I lost another inch from my waist and fractions off my thighs, hips, ankles and arms. The biggest thrill for me is the flappy bingo arms are down one-half an inch. This made my week!

It looks like it might be a nice morning with some rain later, so we're taking our coffees out to our lovely "outdoor room" to relax and enjoy. I'll be making a weekend food post as well as sharing some pictures of the deck later on this week. Have a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day, put your feet up and enjoy life!


  1. Wow, congrats on the inches gone!!! That is great. I hope you get to enjoy your deck again soon.

  2. Your are an inspiration to all of us!

    Seeing the words "Mikkos Cassadine" made me laugh very, very hard. I adored that show so much. I think every make-believe game I played from age 3-10 involved the cast of GH.