Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Well kids, it's Monday again. I haven't been so happy to see the end of a week in a long time. Not that last week was all bad, I was treated to a great meal by my friends Donna and Jeff while Rob was away. We went to Holeman and Finch Public House, I'm still dreaming about the pate and those hot-sweet pickled green tomatoes. Thursday morning brunch with my girlfriends was also a highlight. Other than that I felt out of sorts and even a little down on myself feeling like I had eaten too much, had too much wine, that the awful post-workout soreness put a crimp into my regular workouts and that I was going to see some sort of gain on the scale this morning.

Color me relieved that I didn't gain anything. I'm still sitting at 208 pounds and have a fresh new week to keep making good choices, workout effectively and to celebrate my progress. YES, CELEBRATE! Being down on myself solves nothing. I have come so far, met all my closet goals (have been buying up new wardrobe pieces here and there) and have been so much more physically active that I have energy to do more and more. I had a negative feeling week, did a bit of emotional eating but didn't gain anything, this means my strategies are working. This is worth celebrating!

Have a great week, eat clean and move your bod!


  1. Hey, a maintain is always better than a gain!
    Sounds like you had good times, and now you're ready to get that number moving again!

  2. Keep up that wonderful attitude of yours! =) It's this kind of perspective that's the marker of a successful and healthy weight-loss regime, imo.

    I had pretty much EXACTLY the same week as you did, food and emotions-about-food-wise, too.

  3. Thanks Jenn and Joanna for your support! It's going to be a much better week. :)