Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remember the Go-Go's?

I woke up singing the song "Vacation" because it's our first official day of vacation. You'll have it stuck in your head all day now, too. We're doing a Disney family reunion in early September so this week is a semi-staycation. We're going to enjoy the house, spend time with friends, take in Transformers on IMAX, go to a few local restaurants I've been dying to try and then travel to Savannah on Thursday to spend the weekend. The fireworks over the river are wonderful, so I'm really looking forward to it.

I was up extra early and what did I do? I dragged my husband out of bed, kicking and screaming and took him on a vigorous 3-mile walk. He'll thank me later. I'm going to keep up with my workout routine because I definitely want to enjoy my restaurants, wine and meals this week. I'll hit the gym Monday as usual, I've got an appointment to train with Lisa on Tuesday morning and I'm seeing Blake on Wednesday. We'll do plenty of walking and swimming in Savannah, but probably not as much walking as last trip because Savannah in summer is scorching.

We're going for pizza on Tuesday evening. I haven't had pizza since December in Boston. Atlanta is a seriously pizza-challenged town. In fact, the whole state of Georgia is devoid of anything with a perfect crust. Varasano's is a new place that is meant to be the savior for all the northern transplants who miss their beloved pies. We shall see.

It may be a bit quiet around here for a week or so, but I'll definitely be here for the weigh-ins and to rave about pizza if it's worth the rave (and calories.) Have a gorgeous and relaxing weekend!

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