Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Truth Hurts

And I mean really hurts! If you ever want to find out just exactly how unfit you really are, sign up for a session with a personal trainer. When I woke up in yesterday morning, I could barely walk. And could barely sit down on the toilet and nearly started crying when I had to stand up again. And it didn't get better as the day went on. I'm still extremely sore this morning, I could barely drag the laundry basket down the stairs and I have to food shop later. Thinking about lugging bags up the stairs is daunting. I would not be able to go to work with my legs feeling like this. It would be unsafe for myself and my patients. Good thing I'm not scheduled again until Friday.

I must be nuts because I went back for another session yesterday, this time to work on upper body and abs. I must have pushed myself much harder when I worked on arms/abs these past few months because I'm not nearly as sore from the waist up. I'm pretty proud of that fact. I'm definitely going to have to have Satan, er, Blake dial back the leg workouts a bit so I don't have as much post-workout soreness. I can't be having several days recovery time, it's interfering with my life. The results might be a bit slower but I can't workout today, so it seems counter-intuitive to push myself so hard that I'm missing regular workout days. I'm going to do a bit of gentle yoga this morning to stretch and warm my aching muscles.

Like everything, finding the right balance is key. I need to be pushed a little harder. Being this sore after a workout proves that. But I can't push so hard that it sets me back. Baby steps and maybe a few less ball-squats.

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  1. Another way you can find out about how unfit you are is visit a weight loss clinic. I recently went to one and they told me that my likelihood of reaching my life expectancy was like -115% or something stupid like that. When they also tell you that you have 100 pounds of fat on your body it is kind of depressing.

    I found your blog searching for other people who are dealing with weight issues. I look forward to following your journey. I am at
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