Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Chit Chat

How much do I love my husband? So much! I'm just back from the gym to find his truck gone (errands) but there is fresh, hot coffee in the carafe and the laundry basket from the closet is in the laundry room. He knows I hate to drag it down the stairs when it's full up. The little things in life, eh?

I worked my leg routine with Lisa spotting me and then I spotted her. It's awesome not to have to watch the clock or count. I can focus on form and breathing and get a rocking work out. I also did running sprints on the treadmill before and after. It's amazing that I'm working out while on vacation. It speaks volumes to the changes I've made. I feel great and I will truly enjoy the pizza tonight (well, maybe, if it's good.)

I'm down nearly 2% of body fat from when I had my initial session with Blake. He measured it at 43% with a hand-held device, which is a higher reading than my scale but as long as the numbers go down I'm not going to quibble. It read 41.3% after my workout this morning and that means I'm building muscle. More muscle means more calories burned at rest, which is win-win! My BMI also came down a tick from 38 to 37.9, which isn't much but when I think about my 50.7 BMI from October I get a little happy.

I'm going to make the juice now (did you buy your juicer yet?) and get a load of laundry on while I enjoy another cuppa. I'm going to relax with my book this afternoon, The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. It's historical fiction about a cockney girl in 1888 and her saga. It's the perfect book for vacation, thick, absorbing, dreamy. It's got the perfect balance of detail and quick pace, too.

Have a great Tuesday.

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