Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working Out with a Friend

I'm fresh out of the shower after a session with Blake. He's redeemed himself as an angel of mercy today. He listened to my concerns and worked with me on a great and vigorous lower body workout but that was well within my ability. Oh, it was tough and I will feel it tomorrow but I shouldn't be crippled up like last week's debacle. He's helping me work on balance, which was one of my main concerns. I've been klutzy all my life and the extra weight just exacerbated the fact. I feel energized and happy right now. Hopefully I won't be in too much pain pushing the buggy around Trader Joe's tomorrow.

Yesterday my friend Lisa and I spotted each other with our Blake workouts. It was terrific to have an extra day with a surrogate trainer. She was encouraging, reminded me to breathe and kept me moving. I hope I did the same for her. Even hit her in the butt a couple of times during the plank walk and said "LOWER!" That was fun.

If you hate working out alone or have trouble getting/staying motivated, ask a friend to be your workout partner a couple of days a week. It's great to have a spotter to make sure you're using good form and it's amazing how fast time on the treadmill or a walk flies by when you have someone to chat with.

Happy Thursday, everyone. It's almost the weekend!

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