Friday, July 31, 2009

How I Eat...A Photo Diary

I was working out with Lisa this morning and she asked if I would post a food diary of what I eat in a typical day. She said it would be a help to her. This made me chuckle because Lisa has always been a fitness inspiration to me and I find hilarious that she's looking to me for some now. Well, I'm happy to return the favor because Lisa was always willing to go for a walk with me when I needed a little push back when I was just starting out.

Click on any of the images for a more detailed view.

9am~ I ate a Think Thin bar on the way to the gym. I don't often have an appetite when I'm first out of bed but it's very important that I eat something to get my metabolism fired up.

Gym then food shopping. After lugging all the bundles in and making Rob his sandwich, I made juice.

12pm~ Juicy goodness...a blend of rainbow chard, zucchini, celery, carrots, lemon, ginger and apple.

1pm~ Parfait in my favorite purple bowl...a half cup of Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt, half a package of Cascadian Farms organic blueberries, thawed (no blueberries at the market and that's what I wanted so the frozen ones are great to have on hand), a sprinkle of cinnamon, a teaspoon of honey drizzled over and a palmful (which is about 1/4 cup) of Back to Nature sunflower and pumpkin seed granola.

1:30pm~Finally, some me time. I'm going to spend it in the shower. A cup of green tea comes with. I always use 2-4 teabags per mug. My favorite mug is big and there isn't anything I hate more than weak tea. Two bags of green tea/yerba mate/peppermint blend and two bags of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime and one packet of stevia. Green tea is supposed to have lots of health benefits and help rev the metabolism, but I just love the way it tastes and the gentle caffeine buzz I get from it.

I'm about 1.5 liters into my water consumption by this time. I drank 1 liter at the gym and then another half with my vitamins.

By the time I finished pottering around upstairs and had a shower it had gotten quite late for lunch and I was very hungry.

4pm~mini-meal...two roll-ups consisting of 1 slice of Lorraine cheese, 1 slice of lower sodium ham and 1 slice of lower sodium turkey, a half-cup of Veggie Crunchers (this is one of the few foods I actually measure if you recall the Veggie Crunchers emotional overeating debacle) and a juicy plum. Another half liter of cold water in my favorite Red Sox cup.

I got the laundry going and then it was time for wine.

5:55pm~ Nero 'd Avola from Italy, intense berry flavor, juicy and supple!

6:45pm~ Linguine Margherita! I picked a bunch of grape tomatoes from the garden and quartered them, tossed them with fresh basil from the garden, a small ball of fresh mozzarella cut into cubes, a drizzle of spicy evoo and a sprinkle of kosher salt and black pepper. Toss with half a box of hot, al dente Dreamfields linguine and you have an absolutely mouthwateringly delectable and super simple (/Sandra Lee) supper. I had a second glass of wine with dinner.

8pm~ While finishing my glass of red wine I enjoyed a 100 calorie dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe's. Nothing like the sweet snap of dark chocolate and along with rich red wine. It was the perfect, relaxing finish to a rather busy and productive day.

So, there you have it, a full day's meals and snacks. As you can see I don't count calories at all and I don't weigh and measure every bite of food I take. I'm full and satisfied. Some days I eat a bit more but never much less than this. I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to post it in the comments. I'm going to do this again in the future on a day when I'm not so busy. I may also make posts about how I exercise and how I shop if anyone might find that helpful. Have a delicious and nutritious weekend!

NOTE~ the only thing atypical about this day is the wine. While I do think wine can be part of a healthy lifestyle (and woe be to anyone who tries to deny me my favorite bevvy) I tend to imbibe only moderately on Friday if I'm not working and a bit more liberally on Saturday, but not during the rest of the week.


  1. I absolutely adore this food diary thing. It is so interesting to me what other people eat! Those veggie crisps, what are they? Pre-packaged? I am asking because when I was in Fresh Market today, I picked up some veggie chips. "Homemade" by the store, not in a bag with an expiration date. Is this what you buy? I haven't tried them yet. Are the ones you get good? Mine look EXACTLY like the ones in your picture!

  2. I bought the Veggie Crunchers at Costco, they were being featured by one of the sample ladies as a salad add in like croutons, which is ridiculous because they are a fantastic snack (measured appropriately) right out of the bag.

  3. My veggie crisps from Fresh Market were not that good. They were just okay. Not worth the calories, I would say. Glad you had a better experience! Also, really glad to see that a Think Thin Bar has no sugar. I've never tried one, but as long as there are no artificial sweeteners, maybe I would pick one up just to try it. Are they yummy?

  4. Think Thin bars do have some malitol in them, so they aren't my top choice like Larabars or Kashi, but since they are very high in protein and very satisfying I like them before a strength training workout. They are *not* delicious at all, they have a very nutrition bar/meal replacement taste about them but they stick to my ribs and keep me full longer than other bars.

  5. Andra, I never, ever even heard of malitol until now. So I googled it. If I'm going to eat something sweet, I like real sugar (could be honey, or fruit syrup, but you know what I mean) none of that fake stuff. Thanks for the heads up! I always try to read the ingredients on things, but it's amazing what slips through the radar! I like Kashi the best, too. Sorry to hear they are 'not delicious at all'. I will not be trying them. However, your Linguine Margherita looks SO DELICIOUS. You are some kind of cook, girl. I always like looking at your 'food porn' LOL.