Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hump Day Chatter

Happy Wednesday! How's the week going? We're more than halfway to the weekend, yay. What's everyone got planned? I have the Black Phoenix Will Call event on Sunday. If you're local to Atlanta, Georgia come on over to the Harry's Whole Foods on Upper Hembree Road in Roswell on Sunday from 4pm-8pm. Come in to the Salud Cooking School, meet some great people, sniff and purchase some amazing perfumes (none that you've ever smelled the likes of in your life) and buy some gorgeous produce before you leave.

I had my session with Blake this morning, it's been a full month and I am very pleased with my progress. He led me on my first foray into LUNGES (sounds like dungeon.) As much as I was hobbled by the first session, I can feel myself getting stronger, he's able to push me harder with less rebound soreness. I didn't think I'd enjoy working out with a trainer as much as I do. If you're struggling with fitness and it's in your budget to get a few sessions with a trainer, I highly recommend it. I have a notebook full of great workouts I can do on my own or with a friend on the other days of the week. Keeping it fun and different is a great strategy to keep up with training and motivation!

I just finished making the juice bags for the rest of the week after having a long soak in a hot, salty bath. I have to make the juice when it's time for my snack. I've been putting fresh herbs from the garden in the juice and the mint/basil/parsley combo is a delight! The herbs are still growing like stink and the tomatoes and cucumbers are doing great. I made some quick pickles for our sandwiches yesterday and they were delish! The peppers have started to grow in but it will probably be another month before we can have our first taste. Sadly, the squash plants are doing poorly. They are infested with bugs despite my spraying with soap and neem and the veggies are rotting as they grow. I won't be planting them again next year, it's too frustrating. Next year I'm going to do double cukes with a cage for them to grow up on, more tomatoes, peppers and herbs. They seem to need the least amount of tending with the most abundance.

I'm making herb marinated grilled chicken on a bed of greens for supper tonight and a watermelon, mint and feta salad as a first course. Lastly, here's a link to the pics from the Savannah trip. There is some major food porn to behold.


  1. Hey there, I'm so glad you put your link on Cranky's website, I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. I've already grabbed a few recipe's you've shared that I can't wait to try.

    You have done a fantastic job in your journey and I'm looking forward to learning from you. I started my journey on Sept 29th, 2008 and have only lost 30 lbs. It sucks but I've made some mistakes on the way.

    Keep up the great blogs!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sandra! 30 pounds is a great accomplishment, be proud of what you've done. We all make mistakes, learn from them and move on. Every day is an opportunity to eat something delicious and nutritious and to move your bod.

  3. Andra, you look positively radiant in your new picture. Good job. Have you tried doing the watermelon and feta with arrugula? DELISH! Hugs, Lara

  4. That dinner sounds fantastic! Wouldn't have thought of watermelon, mint and feta but I bet it's a great combo. And it sounds like Blake is a great help in the exercise department. I wish I had my own Blake!

  5. Thanks for the compliment, Lara! I felt all lit up evening, even before the Chardonnay. :)

    Crabby, I can get you Blake's number if you want it! ;)