Sunday, July 26, 2009

Label Reading Refresher

I am angry at myself for being fooled because I've become vigilant about reading labels but sometimes these manufacturers manage to get something over on me. I was about to do a review on Arnold Multi Grain Sandwich Thins and double checked the label before writing up my post and realized that sucralose is listed as one of the ingredients. I flipped! How did that get past me? And what the hell does Arnold think they are doing by avoiding HFCS in their products and replacing it with another poison like sucralose? I cannot in good conscience recommend this product.

You cannot be too careful about reading labels because these food producers do not care about the health of their customers, they only care about their bottom line. I need to be more careful so as a reminder to myself and a reminder to you, please read your labels. If there is something you don't like the sound of, do not buy it. Here is an article listing 10 biggies to avoid. Each one of us are the only ones we can depend on to nourish our bodies in a healthful and responsible way and I refuse to let these food manufacturers profit from trying to make me fat and unhealthy.


  1. I hate sucralose. I know you are mad for seeing it REPLACE High Fructose Corn Syrup, but I have actually seen HFCS and fake sugar (aspartame and/or sucralose) SIDE BY SIDE in products. Isn't that nuts? Why would you put in HFCS AND fake sugar? I really am confused by how companies rationalize this stuff. I guess they really don't believe anyone reads those labels.

  2. Thanks for the tip on this! We read every label every time due to my youngest having multiple food allergies. It's amazing some of the discoveries we've made along the way. In a scary sort of way that is.............


  3. There was actually an article on one of my newsfeeds (either CNN or yahoo) the other day about a new link connecting obesity to MSG, that if you serve the same food, one MSG-free and one not, the group with MSG will gain more weight. (Perhaps because MSG "makes things taste better" and thus they eat more?)