Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Well, we're back home and I've turned into a pumpkin once again. What was the damage of a stay-cation that included pizza and vegetarian Indian and a long weekend in Savannah? A single pound! 209 this morning, no doubt a bit of bloat from eating restaurant food (and lots of wine) for much of the past week. The good habits I've been working on along with the exercise to stoke my metabolism is definitely working.

Savannah did not disappoint, it was definitely hot but it's lovely and romantic as ever. The meal we had at Sapphire Grill was one for the memory books, spectacular service, exciting and inventive cuisine in a really nice setting, I can't wait to go back. The pizza at Varasano's did not disappoint, either. They've got the crust down and the sauce on the Nana's pizza was really good, similar in style to my favorite pizzeria back in Boston. I ate too much that night, but going back to share a salad and one pie with my husband would be a perfectly reasonable (and tasty) now and again weekend treat.

I could not wait to have my juice this morning, I always miss my juicer while I'm away. I loaded it up with lots of fresh herbs from the garden and an entire bag of spinach for an extra anti-oxidant and energy boost. I have to go back to work tonight, so I'll need the energy. I did a bit of yoga this morning but I look forward to getting back to the gym for a proper workout tomorrow.

Happy Monday, everyone, have a great day!

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