Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Go. See. Now!

Does the Academy give out Oscars for half a movie? Probably not, but they should. The Julia part of Julie and Julia is so delightful, I never wanted it to end. One Oscar for Meryl Streep (in my best Julia Child voice) just won't dooooo! I think ten might do the trick. The Julie part was cute, Chris Messina who played Julie's husband Eric stole every scene he was in. And he made me hungry every time he devoured a bit of food. While I could not get through Julie & Julia, the book (I found Julie Powell unlikeable enough to call it quits about halfway through) Nora Ephron gave us a nicely crafted, beautifully photographed delectable morsel of a film.

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  1. I have heard so many similar reviews -- many of the commenters the foodie blog I read everyday ( said the very same thing. I cannot wait to see this movie! Wish Lys were here to see it with! :o(