Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gentle Reminder and Food Chat

Woke up this morning to find some fraudulent charges to my Visa. Not the most pleasant start to the day. It could have been worse and it's being dealt with but just wanted to give you all a gentle reminder. If you don't have credit monitoring, please be sure to request your credit reports just to double check that everything is the way it should be. I know most states allow 1-2 free credit reports from all three agencies, so be sure to take advantage of that.

Now on to something more pleasant. The week has flown by in a haze of coughing, tissues and hot tea but I'm feeling so much better and will definitely be heading to work later on this afternoon. I'm going to take a nice long walk round the neighborhood tomorrow, I downloaded some new Fat 2 Fit podcasts I'm dying to listen to. I'll hit the gym for a couple of weight-training sessions next week.

So, what do you eat when you are feeling poorly and nursing yourself back to health? For me, the juicer is the absolute best medicine but I have a few favorite food items when I'm not feeling "any well" as my nephew P.J. likes to say. On my worst day this week, piping hot Trader Joe's low sodium creamy tomato soup dashed with some hot sauce sipped from my favorite Disney mug was the most soothing balm. I also had organic bananas this week. Something so comforting about that starchy, creamy sweetness coupled with all the nutritional bennies of potassium, fiber and vitamin C. Lastly, I made a roast chicken with a lightly dressed green salad the other night. It's so simple, comforting and not heavy. I ate a bit of white meat with some salad. Now about the chicken leftovers...

I hate wasting food. It's not only like throwing money away but it's also seems very disrespectful to people who don't have enough to eat. Poultry leftovers are always challenge for me but I had an inspired moment last evening and whipped the most wonderful of sick-day suppers. I gently heated the leftover roast chicken in Trader Joe's black bean soup. It's a smooth and spicy soup that I just love. I boiled up a bit of basmati rice and made a quick, fresh tomato and chive salsa with the last of the garden tomatoes. Put the rice in the bowl, ladle on the soup and chicken and top with a bit of salsa. So quick and easy and amazingly delicious. My soup loving husband was in heaven. What's your favorite way to serve up chicken leftovers?


  1. During cold weather months I love to pull the chicken off the bone and use it to make a chicken pot pie. Not exactly the lowest calorie meal, but certainly satisfying and economical. I generally make my own gravy out of the drippings from the pan, adding extra garlic and onions. My favorite veg to put inside are fresh brocolli, chunks of potato (again leftovers work well here) or even yams. I use a Pillsbury two crust pie shell, deep dish, and fill 'er up. This feeds my family of four quite nicely for dinner and leftovers. I love savory pies.

  2. Chicken Paninis! Chicken, a little pesto, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella or provolone on some good bread are just the yummiest thing ever!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Visa. Sometimes technology is a blessing, but there is a price! Glad you are feeling better…that soup with hot sauce sounds amazing! I also love bananas, and they are so good for you. Some people who want to lose weight are afraid of them, but I think they are delicious and nutritious!

  4. I shred the chicken of all its lean meat and discard the skin and carcass.

    I chop up lots of garlic, celery, onions, carrots and some new potatoes and fry them in a little olive oil until softened.

    Then I add a few pints of chicken broth and 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. Season with lots of black pepper and salt to taste, and bring to the boil.

    Reduce to a simmer and stir in the shredded chicken. Add a can of drained sweetcorn (frozen sweetcorn is fine too) and simmer until all the vegetables are tender.

    Absolutely delicious, and everyone I serve it to loves it. Low-calorie and filling too.