Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Greetings from the First People Trap Created by a Mouse

This is the first free minute I've had since Rob arrived, heck, it's the first free minute I've had since I arrived. I'm having a ball with my sister, the kids and the Mouse but it's very humid and ugly hot and WDW is the most un-relaxing vacation that I can think of. Despite lots of swimming, countless miles of walking and a couple of really good gym workouts I feel bloated and sluggish. We've been all over Disney's Hollywood Studio today but we're totally "parked out" and have two rest days lined up before our final day at Magic Kingdom on Saturday.

I've been doing pretty well with portion control and smart ordering as well as making sure I've had my fruit and veggies, my supplements and lots of water every single day. Disney has made a great effort at making healthy options readily available. There are veggie burgers, healthy wraps, side orders of fresh fruit and nice, fresh salads available where there used to be just burgers, hot dogs and french fries. I've indulged quite a bit with desserts and cocktails so I'm thinking the 4 pound buffer has been blown to outer space. I was up 2.5 pounds the other morning which isn't so bad for just over a week, so I'm thinking that after a few days at home with my juicer I'll be able to regroup, lose the holiday bloat before embarking on our next adventure (Las Vegas to celebrate my 40th birthday later this month.)

There are so many new things since our last visit. The new Finding Nemo musical at Animal Kingdom is so full of Disney Magic that I wept both times I watched it. Expedition Everest is so wild it made me think that I'm getting too old for thrill rides. The refurb of my beloved Spaceship Earth is fantastic and the addition of Jack Sparrow to Pirates of the Caribbean is quite well done. The new Toy Story Midway Mania 3D attraction is amazing, we rode it twice in a row and I wanted to go again but the group voted for naps BOO! The new area of Animal Kingdom Lodge called Kidani Village is absolutely beautiful. We've got a room overlooking the savanna and being able to watch the giraffes from the balcony is my favorite thing about this trip so far. They are so graceful and soothing to gaze at so I'm really happy to have the next two days to do just that. It's so cool and quiet in the room now, my sister, brother-in-law and the kids are passed out in the next room, Rob is napping and I'm going to just sit here and watch the Ankole Cattle graze through the big glass doors.

I'll be back to my routine along with regular blogging and a very scary weigh-in next week. I hope you are all doing very well, are happy and taking good care of your health. See you real soon!


  1. Can’t believe you are weighing yourself on vacation…well done! And now after this wonderful trip you are leaving again for Vegas!?!!? I am so jealous! You are one lucky woman (and you sure look happy in that picture!)

  2. Sounds like fun. I hope you get to relax or you'll need a vacation from your vacation ;)

  3. Sounds like you are having a blast!! Get some rest and really enjoy the next few days!