Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mistletoe the Line

Happy Wednesday! I've broken through the jet-lagged fog of tiredness that I've been living with since getting back home last week. It's tough feeling that way because I got accustomed to (and really, really fell in love with) feeling vibrant and energetic from eating clean and moving around. I was up early with Rob feeling rested, made him fresh coffee and sent him off to work. Got the laundry started and I'm off out to get the pantry and fridge stocked. I've made two weeks of menus and shopping lists (a major stock up for today, and a fresh food touch up for next week.) I'm planning on a neighborhood walk after lunch, it's going to be a gorgeous fall day!

The girls and I are starting a new introPLAY fitness challenge tomorrow. By the way, if you haven't started logging your workouts on introPLAY, get to it. It's a fantastic motivator. My team finished first in the summer challenge although all my vacationing cut into my workout time and I finished in fifth place after being in the top 3 for the majority of the challenge. I will do better this time! It's called the Mistletoe the Line and will run from October 1st until December 31st. We're starting our New Year's resolutions early! We're going to keep moving to avoid the "holiday spread." I don't want to be in a food coma from Halloween to New Year's Day and undo all the great strides I've made.

Remember, the "Holiday Season" is just a marketing tool and not an excuse to eat ourselves silly and lay around until the Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and Bally Total Fitness guilt trip starts up full force on January 2nd. Of course I'm going to partake in some festive food and drinks on certain days and will be baking cookies to share with my friends and loved ones, but I'm not using this time of year as an excuse to gorge myself and turn into a hermit. Fall is a great time for hiking and Rob and I plan on taking every advantage.

Before I head out I wanted to talk a bit about The Biggest Loser. Do you watch? I've not missed an episode since the first season but still have mixed feelings about it. 1200 calories and six hours of workouts a day has no basis in normal life but it is amazing to see the transformations. It's true, this nation needs to get moving and get the hell out of the fast food restaurants but otherwise I haven't taken away any useful advice from that show until now. One of the contestants made a rash decision based on fear and panic and Jillian was upset with her. Jillian said something to the effect of "next time, stop and think and ask yourself, "How is this choice going to help me reach my goal?" This is some really good advice. We are faced with countless decisions on a daily basis. Next time I'm mad/sad/stressed/tired and may make a less than sound nutrition or fitness decision, I will ask myself that question for sure.

Have a fantastic day and go out and get some of that fresh fall air into your lungs!


  1. What a good plan! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. If you can stop the gain before it even starts, then good for you! I think you are right, and that people use the holidays as an excuse to eat too much and lessen the exercise. It’s hard not to, with all the goodies around! But we have to remember that it’s even MORE important during this season to watch what we put in our mouths, instead of saying, “Oh, it’s a holiday, I deserve a treat!” Autumn is also the best season for outdoor exercise (in my opinion) because it is so invigorating to be outdoors! Not to mention the perfect temperature!

  2. It's me (Girlie), not Booch.
    I think it would be great if you could post your 2 week menu plan for all us un-inspired ones!
    I have to grocery shop on Friday, and would love some healthy ideas!

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