Monday, September 7, 2009

You Are What You Eat

After depositing my sister and her family at Orlando International Airport, my husband and I safely made it back to Shady Dame early yesterday evening. Unfortunately I'm down with the crud (brought on by too many days of restaurant fare and wine, not enough good quality sleep and being away from my beloved juicer.) On our second to last day at Disney, I started getting that twinge at the back of my throat. You know the one, the one that is going to be followed by painful swallowing, burning ears and then lots of lovely gooey sinus and cough action. I'm in the cough and sinus phase this afternoon. Ugh!

Rob lovingly did the food shopping early this morning so I was able to start my day with a huge glass of freshly pressed vegetable juice with extra lemon and extra ginger. Another couple of days of that and I should be well enough to get back to the gym and work on Thursday. Until then, I'll be getting lots of rest, taking lots of juice, water and tea and enough food to keep me nourished but not weighed down. This sort of cold tends to kill my appetite anyway.

I'll be back on Friday for an official post-Disney weigh-in. I hope you are having a much better holiday Monday then I am, but I do have one hot nurse looking after me. Until then, think healthy thoughts for me and take good care of yourselves.


  1. Oooh, hope you feel better soon! What a let-down after vacation.

  2. I've seen an awesome trailer with this title: You Are What You Eat