Monday, November 30, 2009

Business as Usual

How did you all survive Thanksgiving 2009? We had a wonderful time but I'm quite pleased that it's Monday and business as usual. I got on the scale this morning to find just a couple of pounds of bloat to work off this week. Not bad at all! All the leftovers are packed away in containers in the freezer for a Sunday dinner in late December. No junk hanging around, the fridge has the usual delicious and nutritious suspects at the ready for healthy eating.

Just back from a great workout with Lisa, almost an hour of cardio and a great upper body circuit x3. I'm up to 48 pounds on the upper body cable machines now and I'm pretty excited about that. Inspired by Lori of Finding Radiance, I'm a handful of chapters into The New Rules of Lifting for Women. Once I read it through, I'm going to start the workouts. I'll be sure to post my progress and thoughts.

After a quick shower I'm going to juice, have a cup of green tea and a parfait. Then it's off to work, truly business as usual. Have a great Monday!

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