Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Weigh-In

Happy Friday! How have you handled the time change? It seems with each passing time change it gets tougher and tougher for me and I need that extra bit of sleep and rest for a couple of weeks until I adjust. I took a couple of extra rest days from working out this week because I can't forgo sleep/rest in favor of exercise when my body is telling me I need to slow down. That's the difference between living a healthy lifestyle and learning to really listen to my body's signals vs. living an unhealthy lifestyle.

When I was living the life of a fat, unhealthy person it was all about avoidance, denial. I never listened to my body, I only listened to that pleasure center of my brain that wanted to live on an endless stream of Twinkies, French fries and M&Ms. I was completely disconnected. Rather than face my mad/sad/stressed/tired feelings and deal with them in a healthy way, I only wanted to be on a serotonin high.

Over the past year I've learned what my body really needs to be healthy and vibrant. You can do it, too! It's not selfish to take the time to put your health first and get to know your body again. Your body is an amazing machine, treat it with respect and it will take you anywhere you want to go.

On to the weigh-in, good week 2.5 pounds gone. Finally broke that 90 pound mark for 185.5/91.5 pounds total gone. I'm insanely excited about the fact that I'm just one pound away from weighing less than my husband for the first time ever!

With that I'm off to Publix, it's not my regular shopping day but I forgot to get the ricotta cheese for tomorrow's dinner and they are having the Kashi meals on special buy one get one free. Yay, BOGO! Have a great Friday and take special care of yourselves this weekend.


  1. 91.5 pounds! Holy smokes! That's really a wonderful accomplishment. Think how much your heart, knees and feet must appreciate the difference. You're an inspiration!

  2. Glad to hear you are in tune with what your body is telling you. Congratulations on the loss!

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss! I can particularly relate to the excitement of soon weighing less than your husband. I'm not there yet, but sure am looking forward to it. It'll be a first for me, too.

  4. really liked your comments about treating yourself with awareness and respect now.